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Ken's 1931 Ford Victoria

1931 Victoria Advertisement

1931 Victoria Advertisement

Ken's 1931 Victoria appears stock on the outside but has a few hidden" tricks".
"Purists" are excused and should leave the room now.

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Ken's Victoria at Cumberland Gap Ken's and Dave's Victorias at Jacksonville Victoria Interior Most Often Seen View of Ken's Victoria
No.2 Green - River Trace No.6 Tee - River Trace No.6 Green - River Trace Covered Bridge at Farmhouse Gallery - Unicoi
Motor - Driver Side Ken at KC Hillclimb

With lots of help from Dave Keplinger the following modifications have been made to improve performance and handling.

Yellow Ball Model "B" Block (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Insert Main Bearings
Yellow Ball Crower Rods w/Inserts
Yellow Ball Winfield 3/4 Race Cam
Yellow Ball Brumfield Head
Yellow Ball Remund Distributor
Yellow Ball 12 Volt Electrical System (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Weber Carburetor
Yellow Ball Headers
Yellow Ball Aries Muffler
Yellow Ball Electric Fuel Pump
Yellow Ball Gary Bernard 4 Speed Transmission
Yellow Ball '56 Ford F100 Steering Box (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball GM Alternator
Yellow Ball Halogen Headlights
Yellow Ball Rear Window Stop Light
Yellow Ball Lightened Flywheel and V8 Pressure Plate (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Rear Panhard Bar
Yellow Ball Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauges
Yellow Ball "Buzz" Tachometer
Yellow Ball Turn Signals
Yellow Ball CB Radio
Yellow Ball Front Toolbox (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Rear Trunk
Yellow Ball Modern Tube Shocks

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