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Ken's Speedster

Ken ran his Victoria in the Hillclimb at the MAFCA meet in Kansas City and was then hooked on Hillclimbs.
Then came the Flat Hillclimb at the MARC Cincinnati meet and Ken ran his Open Cab Pickup and won his class.
In September, 2003 came the Flat Hill Climb in Helen, GA and Ken again ran his Open Cab Pickup and won his class.
In all of these meets Ken was challenged by Ed Johnson and now the challenge continues.
In the Fall of 2001, Ken started accumulating parts to build a Speedster and finally got it on the road in May, 2004.
In September, 2004 the challenge continued between Ken and Ed Johnson in Highlands, NC. Unfortunately Ken missed his shift and allowed Ed to narrowly beat him.
Hopefully Ken has now learned how to shift and will be able to beat Ed in September, 2005 in Highlands, NC on "Monkey Hill".

Check the pictures below to see Ken's "Rumble Bee" Speedster.

Click on Small Image for Larger View
Front End - Fall 2001
Front End - Fall 2001
Rear End - Fall 2001
Rear End - Fall 2001
Rear End - Fall 2002
Rear End - Fall 2002
Body Mock Up 1
Paper Body Mock Up
Fall 2002
Body Mock Up 2
A Lightweight Body
to Beat Ed up the Hill
5 Speed Tranny
5 Speed Tranny Ready to Install
Large Intake Valves
G28T Motor With Large Intakes
V8 Pressure Plate
V8 Pressure Plate & Lightened Flywheel
Wood Base Ready for Sheetmetal
Wood Base Ready to Seal and Install Sheetmetal
Another View of Wood Base
Another View of Wood Base
Motor Installed
Motor View
Fall 2003
Another View of Motor
Another View of Motor
Cowl Installed - December 2003
Cowl and Seats Installed
to Check Fit
Another View of Cowl & Seats
Another View of Speedster
December 2003
Body ready for Painting
Speedster Body Ready for Painting
April 15, 2004
Yellow Parts at Richard's
All Parts Painted Yellow
by Richard Broyles
Another View of Yellow Parts
Another View of Yellow Parts
April 17, 2004
First Day Out
First Trial Run
May 21, 2004
First Day Too
View From Another Angle
View of Dash
View of Dash

Ken's Speedster features the following Speed Secrets to beat Ed Johnson up the hill:

Yellow Ball German G28T "B" Block (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Large Intake Valves
Yellow Ball Winfield Head 7:1 Compression Ratio
Yellow Ball Winfield Full Race Cam
Yellow Ball Remund Distributor
Yellow Ball 12 Volt Electrical System (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Weber 32/36 Carburetor
Yellow Ball Borg Warner 5 Speed Transmission
Yellow Ball Exhaust Headers
Yellow Ball Electric Fuel Pump
Yellow Ball GM Alternator
Yellow Ball Halogen Headlights
Yellow Ball Lightened Flywheel and V8 Pressure Plate (Click for Details)
Yellow Ball Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauges
Yellow Ball VDO Tachometer
Yellow Ball 4.11:1 Rear End Gears

The challenge between Ed and Ken has to be a friendly one, we certainly would not want Ed to crash and burn as he is so fond of doing on the "Ahooga" board

Ed's Speedster

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