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John Lingo Overhead Valve Conversion

Overhead Sketch

John Lingo is a retired jeweler with a passion for Model A Fords.
John is an expert in the restoration of Model A's but what sets John apart is his interest in building his own Overhead Valve Conversions.
John is the only known person to fabricate these OHV's from welded steel plate.
From the sketch above you can note that John uses a wedge combustion chamber and tilted valve angles.
To date John has built four OHV units.
Unit No. 1 is installed in Dave Keplinger's 1931 Victoria. (Click for details)
Unit No. 2 is installed in Bob Terry's No. 78 Speedster.
Unit No. 3 is installed in John Lingo's 1930 Deluxe Roadster.
Unit No. 4 is installed in the 1931 Deluxe Phaeton John Lingo has just built.
Unit No. 4 is a little different because the exhaust comes out of the driver's side.

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John and Rosa Lingo in Dayton John's Roadster on the Kil-Kare Track Head No. 1 Under Construction - 1984 Head No. 1 - Another View Head No. 2
Second View of Head No. 2 Third View of Head No. 2 Head No. 4 Under Construction Second View of Head No. 4 Third View of Head No. 4
Head No. 4 - Completed Head No. 4 - Combustion Chamber Head No. 4 Assembly John Lingo's 1931 Victoria

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